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Rohit Bane

Hi, I'm Rohit Bane

I lead a team of analysts for a gaming company as my day job, and thoroughly enjoy doing what I do. In fact, a lot of the observations and analysis that you'll find in my write-ups is most likely a subtle nod to my profession. 

Now about the blog. This website started as a 'keeping me sane' project during the covid-19 lockdown, just like so many others. I've had a lot of tangential and bizarre discussions with my friends in the past, and some of them seem liked noteworthy observations or epiphanies to share with the world. Thus was born The Clockwork Epiphany.

Another thing that I got into seriously during the lockdown, was cooking. Nothing too ambitious, just the mundane and usual. But the act of cooking fired up a dormant desire to try good food, share controversial opinions on some of them, and delve a bit deeper into the camaraderie that food conversations usually strike. And so, after a few months of the initial writing, I decided to branch out into another category - Butter on Toast. A blog dedicated to controversial food opinions and my experiences with them. 

So, that's it. Am just another guy putting down some random thoughts, in the hope that someone finds them funny or insightful, or in the hope that someone gets seriously offended and tracks me down to start a new conversation. :)

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